Honeybee Festival Beauty Pageant

Miss Honeybee Beauty Pageant

Who will “BEE” crowned Miss Honeybee?

On Honeybee Eve, the Friday before the Honeybee Festival, we host the Miss Honeybee Beauty Pageant.


The Miss Honeybee Beauty Pageant began during the 2nd year of the Honeybee Festival and has grown into a successful event.

The Pageant is sponsored by the LaFayette High School Cheerleaders and money raised at the event supports the cheerleading program at the high school.

It’s an opportunity for young ladies to shine and “BEE” in the spotlight.

During the 3rd Annual Honeybee Festival, the pageant included the first ever Queen Bee Pageant for women 50-years and older.

Each of the Pageant winners will “BEE” introduced on the Main Stage at the Honeybee Festival the following day.

To learn more, visit myhoneybeefestival.com and “BEE” sure to keep an eye out for Miss Honeybee Pageant registrations as we get closer to the next City of LaFayette Honeybee Festival.

The Pageant age groups are as follows:
Baby Miss Honeybee (0-6 Months)
Wee Miss Honeybee (7-14 Months)
Tiny Miss Honeybee (15-24 Months)
Toddler Miss Honeybee (25-Months-3 Years Old)
Little Miss Honeybee (4-5 Years Old)
Petite Miss Honeybee (6-7 Years Old)
Young Miss Honeybee (8 Years Old)
Junior Pre-Teen Miss Honeybee (9-10 Years Old)
Pre-Teen Mis Honeybee (11-12 Years Old)
Junior Miss Honeybee (13-14 Years Old)
Queen Honeybee (50 Years and Over)