Honeybee Metric-Century Bicycle Ride

 Honeybee Picture

Leading up to the annual Honeybee Festival, Parks & Recreation hosts the annual Honeybee Metric-Century Bicycle Ride. This outdoor adventure brings together both professional cyclists and local community participants.

This year the ride will be held on Saturday, May 15, 2021.

The Honeybee Metric-Century Bicycle Ride is another activity in conjunction with the Honeybee Festival and has several routes to choose from.

The Honeybee Metric-Century Bicycle Ride begins and ends at the LaFayette Recreation Department. 

Participants will be able to ride through the hills and valleys of our small towns throughout the City of LaFayette and Walker County. This includes several scenic routes and all rides are fully supported.

Bike Ride

Making a Difference

We as a city understand that some area children and families need a little assistance. We do our best to offer affordable participation fees, so that is why ALL proceeds from the ride go towards reducing registration fees for youth sports, scholarships and recreational programs.

For Routes and Registration go to BikeReg

For more information, contact the
LaFayette Recreation Department at 706-639-1590.