LaFayette "Hive"

Welcome to the “Hive”

We are a group of citizens working toward one goal and that is protecting the Queen “Bee” City.

Since the City of LaFayette is home to the successful Honeybee Festival, we see this momentum as a chance to be the worker “bees” that join together in various aspects to protect and invest in our great city and community.

Why call it the Hive?

Proud Hive MemberHoneybees are essential for life in nature and that’s why preserving the honeybee population is so important to life on this planet.

As local citizens, we adopt this philosophy as a means of protecting, preserving and growing our city. In a hive, each bee has a responsibility to maintain the hive and protect the queen.

Who is the queen in our City? It’s the community. It’s our citizens, our family, friends and children. It’s our homes, businesses and industries. It’s our future. It’s us!

That is what makes up the Hive. People who want to come together with a goal of making our community a great place to “Live, Work, and Play.”

We have several specified teams working on focus areas to accomplish goals that have been identified to strengthen our community. Those teams consist of
1) Recreation & Outdoors
2) Events
3) Planning/Zoning & Architecture
4) Beautification
5) Business Recruitment & Development.

Egg Hunt VolunteersWe are looking for community members who possess a “Bee”-positive attitude that they can bring to the Hive. Every bee has a purpose and every bee can “bee” something special in the Hive. Our community will become what we “bee”-lieve” it can be. “Bee”-lieve in our future, “Bee”-have in ways to create that future, “Bee” The Change you want to see in your community.

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