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LaFayette, GA 30728

The LaFayette Police Department is a community-based police force consisting of majority locals to the area with a commitment to keeping residents safe and staying accessible to their community neighbors.

The department covers a wide variety of city matters outside from patrolling the streets of LaFayette.

First and foremost, the duty of the local police department is to protect the citizens of LaFayette from criminal elements as well as upholding the laws of the State of Georgia, the United States Constitution and local city ordinances. 

The City of LaFayette Police Department is important to the city because it provides security for people’s property and for the people themselves. Security is one of the most important things that a city can offer, because people want to be safe and they want to feel safe.



Service and protection

The department is divided into Administrative, Investigative, and Patrol divisions.

K9LaFayette police is a full service department with its own patrol division and investigative division that investigates crime in the area. A Student Resource Officer (SRO) is designated at LaFayette High School for the protection of the local students. A drug agent from the department also serves with the Lookout Mountain Drug Task Force Circuit. LaFayette police also have an animal control officer within the department as well as a K-9 unit.

There are 24 certified police officers within the department along with an additional 2 person front office staff.

LaFayette police patrols within the city limits of LaFayette serving around 7,200 residents and around 400 businesses.

LaFayette police also patrols Queen City Lake as well as all local schools within the city.

Need an Officer?

Citizens who need police response are encouraged to call the Walker County 911 non-emergency number at 706-375-7810, or 911.

Clift said if citizens call the department at 706-639-1540, those calls will be taken, but he stresses that if a citizen is in need of immediate police assistance, calling the 911 non-emergency telephone number is preferred because it can be logged and categorized for record keeping and helps to maintain transparency.

A Progressive-Community based Police

 The City of LaFayette believe it’s paramount that the police department is community active.

The LaFayette Police Department is not statistics based policing, but community based policing. This allows for normalcy throughout the community as not only are the officers patrolling the streets of the city, most are also neighbors to the community and residents themselves.

When a community has a progressive-community based police department, it makes it easier for citizens to move into the city and remain living in the city.


It is very important that citizens—and those residents new to the community—know that the LaFayette Police Department is accessible within the community.