Get a Burning Permit

Beginning October 1st, 2022, City of LaFayette residents are no longer required to obtain a burning permit for hand-piled natural vegetation (leaves/sticks) fires. This change is in recognition of Senate Bill 119- O.C.G.A 12-6-90 that eliminates the need to notify and obtain a permit from the City of LaFayette Fire Department. However,

City of LaFayette Ordinance 12-18-b that prohibits Sunday burning will still be recognized.

If you are burning hand piled natural vegetation in the City of LaFayette, it is the responsibility of the burner to adhere to the following guidelines set by the State of Georgia.
1.) The burn area must be no less than 25 feet from woodlands, forestland or field that contains brush, grass, or other flammable material.
2.) The burn area must be no less than 50 feet from structures, which include homes, outbuilding, sheds, and barns.
3.) Burning must take place between sunrise and sunset.
4.) Responsible person must attend burning at all times until fire is completely extinguished, and there is no risk for burning to escape control.
5.) The responsible person must take reasonable and necessary precautions to prevent fire escape or spread from the original location.
6.) The responsible person should have an awareness of the weather to include, NWS red flag warnings, high fire danger designation of class 4 or class 5 days and other hazards conditions, such as prolonged drought, low relative humidity, or high winds.

For contractors, developers or homeowners who are performing land clearing operations, agricultural or silviculture preparations, the local Ga. Forestry Commission should be contacted to obtain the proper burning permits.
Call 1-706-638-5556 for your local Georgia Forestry Commission or visit to obtain more information