Honeybee Festival BBQ Competition

When it’s Barbecue Time in the City of LaFayette!

The Honeybee Festival is a Full Day of Music, Food and Fun that’s Free to Attend!

So, what would the Honeybee Festival “BEE” without the Honeybee BBQ Competition?

This is a great opportunity for Professional and Beginner Barbecuers to bring their BBQ talents to town in an attempt to “Smoke” the competition. Competitors are also allowed to vend during the Honeybee Festival.

Each year, the Honeybee BBQ Competition takes place on the day of the Honeybee Festival, where thousands of Festival goers come out to enjoy the event. Competitors arrive on the Thursday or Friday evening prior to the Honeybee Festival, which is always held on the following Saturday, in preparation for the competition.

A Little Honeybee BBQ History…

The Honeybee BBQ Competition is a staple event at the annual Honeybee Competition. Competitors travel to the City of LaFayette from all around Georgia, Tennessee and Alabama, just to name a few.

The first Honeybee BBQ Competition was held at the inaugural Honeybee Festival in 2017 and has grown bigger and bigger each year.

The 2019 Honeybee Festival was the first time the Honeybee BBQ Competition consisted of a Pro Series and Backyard Series¬ which were both sanctioned by the Kansas City Barbecue Society.

At the 2019 Honeybee Festival, LaFayette Walmart donated 30 Boston Butts to the competitors.

What do the winners get to take home?

Pro Series:

The Pro Series Category Payouts are chosen between 4 categories which include Chicken, Ribs, Pork and Brisket.

The Pro Series includes CASH Prizes.

The Pro Series Grand Champion receives $1,000 and the Pro Series Reserve Grand Champion receives $500.

Winners are decided between 1st-5th place.

CASH Payouts are as follows:

1st Place $300, 2nd Place $200, 3rd Place $150, 4th Place $125 & 5th Place $100.

Backyard Series:

The Backyard Series Categories include Chicken, Ribs and Pork and broken down into 3 winning categories that include:
1st Place $150, 2nd Place $100 & 3rd Place $50.

In 2019, the Backyard Series Grand Champion was rewarded with a Broilmaster Propane Grill from Blossman Gas & Appliances in LaFayette. The Reserve Backyard Grand Champion received a Gasoline/Propane Power Generator also compliments of Blossman Gas & Appliances in LaFayette.

Steak Competition on Honeybee Eve (Friday)

On Honeybee Eve (the Friday before the annual Honeybee Festival), competitors are welcome to take part in the annual Steak Competition.

The winner receives a $100 CASH Prize as well as a donated item from one of our sponsors. Last year, Blossman Gas & Appliances in LaFayette donated a Deep Fryer to the winner of the Steak Competition.

Proceeds collected from the BBQ Competition registration goes towards helping fund the LaFayette High School Golf Team.
Applications and registration information is always made available leading up to each Honeybee Festival on the website.

So, “BEE” sure to join us at the next Honeybee Festival BBQ Competition!