Water and Sewer

Wally Meeks, Director
2776 Hwy 27 – Bypass
LaFayette, GA 30728

The City of LaFayette understands the importance placed on living and working in an area with clean, running water for its residential customers as well as the need for proper disposal of sewerage.

LaFayette owns and operates a water treatment and distribution system that provides water service for around 16,000 customers and industry in the city. This also includes customers and industry in south Walker County.

LaFayette also owns and operates a wastewater treatment & sewer collection system, providing sewerage service for around 7,200 customers and industry, primarily within the corporate city limits.

The Water & Sewer Department is comprised of 27 employees.


Heading up the department is Director of Water & Sewer Wally Meeks, Secretary Bonnie Lewis, Water Department Distribution Manager Jeff Howell, Water Treatment Plant Manager Mark Sizemore, Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator Robert Ledford and Sewer Maintenance & Construction Supervisor Johnny Wallin.

The city installs and maintains water services to City of LaFayette customers. The city’s water mains—spreading over 237 miles and ranging from 6 inch-to-16 inches—are maintained throughout the water system as well as maintaining 9 above ground water tanks, Director Meeks said with nearly 33 years with the city.

“Customers have got to have reliable, clean water for drinking and all of their uses in the homes,” Director Meeks said.

Water Distribution & Water Treatment

• The City of LaFayette’s total water service connection is 7,946.
• There are 237 miles of distribution mains ranging from 6 inch-to-16 inches.
• Currently, there are 7,264 active connections in the city.
 • The city has 9 ground storage tanks with capacities from 200,000 gallons to 3,000,000 gallons.

Sewer Collection & Wastewater Treatment

• The City of LaFayette’s sewer system currently has 2,951 service connections.
• The City of LaFayette’s Sewer System currently services 95 percent of all developed areas within the city limits as well as a few customers residing in Walker County.
• The city has 8 Sewer Lift Stations and around 71 miles of collection sewer lines ranging from 4 inch-to-36 inches totaling 2,719 sewer customers.
• The Wastewater Treatment Plant is a designed flow 5 mgd extended aeration activated sludge plant. The city is permitted for 3.5 mgd and currently averages around 2.0 mgd.
• The city has completed a phosphorous removal system to comply with State of Georgia mandated limits for the NPDES permit of 1.0 mgL (million gallon liters) and is expected to be on line in the near future.
• The Wastewater Treatment Plant currently has 2 sludge storage tanks with a total capacity of 500,000 gallons, including a pump and loading station for sludge removal where it is removed and transported to a local farm land.

A utility tip for customers

Meeks said it is important for customers to evaluate their meters and check to see if there are any leaks that may be causing a rise in their utilities. One way to check this is for the Water & Sewer Department to visit the residence and use an indicator which would signal if water is getting past the meter.

Contact Information

The Water, Wastewater & Sewerage Department office is open from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. To report an outage call 706-639-1511.