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What if there was a way that we could clean up our city one step at a time?
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There is a way with the City of LaFayette’s Adopt-A-Block Community service.

What better way to Invest in the Hive?

Very similar to Adopt-A-Mile, Adopt-A-Block is an opportunity where individuals and groups are encouraged to “adopt” a defined portion of a neighborhood, providing litter removal, nuisance reporting, and other additional services as needed.

This gives our city a chance to create a friendly and welcoming environment needed to allow our Community to thrive!

Adopt-A-Block is where individuals and groups can take Community beautification to the next level.

Partner up with friends, neighbors and Community groups to help grow a sense of Pride in how we maintain our neighborhoods and streets within our city.

This includes individuals, neighborhoods, businesses, civic groups and churches.

Want to help your Community?

Care about the look and value of your neighborhood?

Want to live in a serene and beautiful environment?

Then please contact us here and join in as we Adopt-A-Block in the City of LaFayette!